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Virtual power plant for power trading

Virtual Power Plant for Control
and Trade of Energy Portfolios

Control room software for distributed energy resources

emsys VPP is a pioneer in the development of Virtual Power Plants and is one of the world's leading suppliers today. Our sophisticated software monitors and remote-controls in real-time distributed energy resources with a total capacity of several gigawatts. The Virtual Power Plant digitally connects renewable and conventional energy sources as well as various types of storage systems and demand-side resources. Thus we turn distributed energy resources into a single power pool whose generation you can flexibly adjust to grid requirements or trade profitably on international spot, intraday and balancing power markets.


What is actually a Virtual Power Plant? Our video explains in 90 seconds how the software connects decentralized units to a single controllable portfolio which can be efficiently integrated into electricity markets and grids.


We are your partner for setting up your Virtual Power Plant.
Convince yourself of our Software-as-a-Service solution.

Virtual Power Plant
for trading power from DERs

With our Virtual Power Plant, we offer you a market-leading carefree package that allows you to concentrate entirely on trading electricity from renewable energy resources and storage systems at the intraday, spot and balancing energy markets.

emsys Box
Easy remote control for renewable energies

The easy-to-install emsys Box ensures a smooth and cost-efficient implementation of remote control for renewable energy plants. The emsys Box is pre-configured and delivered by us according to the current state of technology.

Virtual Power Plant
for providing balancing power services

Renewable energies are increasingly contributing to ancillary services. Our Virtual Power Plant is designed to reliably provide balancing energy from different technologies to the power system. Approved by TSOs and with a proven track record in several power markets.

Virtual Power Plant
for trading flexibilities

As a digital platform, the Virtual Power Plant allows numerous application cases and business models with distributed energy resources. This also includes tapping the flexibility potential by digitally connecting solar and wind parks with other generation technologies, storage systems and energy consumers.

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